Shadow Wolf: Blade Breaker 1.35

Once again tis Thursday and time for some Shadow Wolf.

Shadow Wolf is my weekly serial, which I write to develop my first person narrative style. Start here if you want to read the whole thing.

Did you miss last week’s post? here it is!

“People like these always leave a trace,” I said, motioning to the Stazz and Sons entrance-way. I stopped before entering, looking back at Git.

“Are you certain those two Devout are dead?” I asked. Even the meanest of Devout devotees are hardened warriors, and I did not want any surprises.

“No,” said Git. “But it will take them days to dig their way free, if they don’t succumb to poor air or starvation first. A fitting test for their philosophy, truth be told. Survival of the strongest…”

“Very funny Git,” said Murith. “Now none of you should touch anything inside until I get a look at it. You might spoil a clue.”

As Git and Murith made their way inside, I caught Sildus’s eye. “That was quick thinking with the light.” I said.

Sildus reddened a little.

“I’m serious,” I said. “The Dwarf and the Goblin can see perfectly in dark conditions. It gave us the advantage. I’m not mocking you Sildus. Why would you think that I am jesting?”

“Well,” said Sildus. “I had heard this rumour. Read it actually, in the accounts we have of the Nordan invasion of the city, that the Shadow Wolf Clan can see in the dark. I’m just embarrassed that I bet your life on false information.”

I laughed. “Actually some of them can. And they like to spread the rumour that they all have supernatural powers. I am an exile however, most of the clan’s tricks are denied to me because of that.”

“What about that growl you made when we first met. I could have sworn their was something behind me in the shadows,” said Sildus.

“Most of the clan’s tricks are denied to me,” I answered. “But not all of them. I have a wolf… spirit, I can call on from time to time.”

“Oh, what is its name?” Sildus asked.

“Tis not the type of spirit that you would call by name,” I said, chuckling. I knew the name, of course. Demon would be more accurate. My ancestors made grim pacts in the shadows to defend the north against dire threats.

“That tattooed fellow was quite the fighter,” said Sildus, politely changing the subject.

“He seemed on par with the Devout that I fought in Lily Gemarkand’s little arena.” I said. “So far thought, we have yet to encounter a true Devout, one of their ascended.”

“Do you think that is where this will lead?” asked Sildus, looking young and worried for a moment. I realized that he had likely sword vengeance for his lovers and did not relish facing that kind of foe.

“They had Crimson Wind,” I said. “I doubt she is their only alpha. Just treat them like a regular mark if you can. Ascended are harder to kill, but most Devout are not subtle. Use your brain, like you did with the lights.”

“Thanks, Ragnar,” said Sildus.

Before I could answer, Renoit appeared, signalling for our attention.

“Murith found something you should see,” said Renoit.




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