The Shadow Wolf Sagas: Blade Breaker 1.34

Once gain friends, tis time let loose the wolves of Myrrhn, as I continue my Thursday night serial.

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The lights went out. There was a scream. I heard the rustle of armour rushing toward me before my eyes could adjust, but I did not panic.

Fighting underground is different than fighting on the street or in the forest. Corridors, caves, and tunnels are unusual terrain, with their own eccentricities and opportunities. Weapons that are superb above ground, like the longbow and the greataxe, are often unwieldy or even useless in the deeps. I knew I could count on my crew in this kind of conflict; in Myrrhn their are plenty of opportunities for adventure under the streets. Even Renoit could not resist the tales of Akbar the Kamoule’s lost fortune.

Judging by his eagerness to start a fight down here, I supposed Sildus was no stranger to tunnel fighting either.

The Devout could obviously see better in the dark than I could, at least initially. But they were not ready to take advantage of the plunge into gloom. The Devout attacking me stomped forward in heavy plate, swinging a broadsword like he had all the room in the world. It was easy enough for me to keep out of his way as my eyes adjusted.

I heard the clatter of spings and strings, Murith’s crossbow firing, and the thunderous sound of a bolt hitting metal, but I did not hear a scream

After a few blinks I stopped retreating. I caught the Devout’s sword with my pick, then slammed the backspike of my axe into my opponent’s armour, pulling him to me as it caught.  The Devout was strong, as I expected, but I held him for long enough to heave him off his feet. He was surprisingly swift getting to his feet in plate armour, but not so quick that I didn’t put the sharp end of my pick through his helm before he could get his balance. He did, however, have enough life left in him  to deliver a savage blow to my ribs with his sword before falling. Fortunately my armour held.

Catching my breath I turned back to the fight. What I saw surprised me.

The Tattooed man, easily visible now as the patterns on his skin glowed in the shadows, was somehow fending off both Renoit and Sildus. As I strode forward, I saw him block a wicked slash from Sildus and then avoid a thrust by Renoit, leaping up and sending both men reeling back with a split kick. He dropped to the ground, turned and punched, lightning quick, sending Sildus crashing into the wall, then turned to face Renoit, his hands glowing with power.

Renoit raised his rapier in salute. The tattooed man sprang, catlike. The swordsman darted forward and the Tattooed man flew past him in the dark. Renoit pivoted, assuming the same stance. The tattooed man muttered something, low and gutteral, sending power crackling through his tattoos. I could see now that he was bleeding. Renoit had struck him as they passed. The tattooed man rushed forward again, Renoit lunged. This time the Tattooed man hit Renoit as well, and both men staggered as they passed.

“AXE,” I yelled. The Tattooed man looked up. I wonder if he saw my blade whirling through the dark before it buried itself in his head. Renoit finished him with a thrust to the heart as he staggered back. The runes faded.

I pulled a glowstone from my pocket. The soft light revealed two dead devout in their ornate armour, one with a bolt in his chest, and the tattooed man. Renoit was rubbing his arm, which hung limp at his side. Sildus was moving gingerly, pulling a Myrrhnese stilletto out of the eye socket of one of the downed guards. Murith was looking around warily.

“We are short two Devout and one Git,” I said. My exclamation was followed by a muffled boom and a flash of flame from on of the side tunnels.

“I’m alright,” came Git’s voice.

I learned very early in life never to chase a goblin down a dark tunnel, part of the whole tunnel fighting experience. If someone can see better than you, and knows how to use the terrain, they will quickly turn a reckless chase into a trap.

“I’ll check the shop,” said Sildus.

“Watch out for traps,” I said. Although I doubted the Devout had set any. The Tattoed man was trap enough in my mind. Few people could challenge Renoit in open combat.

“Let me see that arm,” said Murith to Renoit, taking some healing salve and a splint from her belt pouch.

I walked over the the Tattooes man and yanked my axe from his head. Sildus re-emerged, making a sour face.

“They kill him?” I asked.

“Him and his assistants,” said Sildus.

“So much for Stazz and Sons,” I said.

“A dead end, how dissapointing,” said Renoit.

“Not necissarily,” I said. “Lets check the shop and the bodies for clues. There is bound to be something of use to us here; people like these always leave a trace.


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