Teaser Tuesday

This is my second to last teaser Tuesday, before the release of Warbound: The Shield Maiden on July 17th.

Day 1


I drew up a few battle maps, similar to the one above. I am actually considering including them in the final work. The maps won’t make much sense without the book as context, but might help some people imagine the scale a little better. Also maps are cool.


This is part of the cover, still very rough. It depicts the banner of the Ninth Legion from this passage:

Legion standards are sacred to the men, and thus act as a sufficient focal point for this kind of Oath. The standard of the Ninth was a stylized Phoenix, wings spread in a halo of fire, in gold on a royal purple cloth. In gold letters, above the gold braid at the bottom of the standard, was the Regiment’s motto: Always, we rise. Bosh liked the colours, but wasn’t hot on the phoenix; in his mind a proper banner had a ferocious beast on it. His favourite banner was that the Twenty-Seventh Legion, which had a vicious looking Tusker on it.

And no, I couldn’t resist the pun.


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