The plan this time around, also a teaser.

Work in Progress...


We are coming up on the release of Warbound: The Shield Maiden, the third book in my Domains of the Chosen series, on July 17th. I am hoping to capitalize on what I have learned from my previous releases and maybe get into the top 100 this time. Getting as high as possible in the lists ensure that the book gets exposed to more readers. Here is the plan as it stands.

  • Teasers!: Putting out teasers has generated some excitement for the book, and as a bonus it has also generated some extra feedback. I started the Tuesday Teasers for Warbound about two months ago, and this year I have also written several posts about tactics and the strange cultures encountered in the new book to wet the appetite.
  • Release Warbound: The Shield Maiden before I go to bed on Wednesday evening: This way It should clear the hurdles for the amazon store by noon or so.
  • Offer deals on Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale and Bloodlust: Will to Power. I am going to add kindle countdown deals for the first two Domains of the Chosen books in order to encourage people to pick up all 3. This also puts these books on the countdown lists, which is yet another point of exposure. These extra lists will feed into a surge for all of the Domains works.
  • Offer Bloodlust: The Great Games for free: My short story is a decent sample for the series, putting it up for free will attract more readers. It is also up for free on Smashwords. I have a link page at the back of the story, which directs people to the blog and the other works in the series. Like it or not, having at least one work available for free all the time is almost mandatory for a small timer like myself. It is also another list on which my books will show up on. More lists = more exposure.
  • Goodreads Giveaway: I am running a goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of books 1 & 2 from the 12th to the 19th. The giveaway is a real wildcard for me. I have no idea how effective they are, or what kind of pitfalls to expect. My hope is for extra exposure to the work. Interestingly enough I have higher ratings on Goodreads than on Amazon, so maybe I will get lucky.
  • Internet Soft Push: I will likely put out a few small posts about the release on various reddits and twitter, and try to get people to push me on social media on the seventeenth. I am uncomfortable pushing too hard, because these are communities that resist aggressive salesmanship from relative unknowns.
  • Conditional Internet Hard Push: If and only if I break the top 100 in any of my amazon categories I will start a second, slightly more aggressive push. I see this as a genuine accomplishment and won’t mind bragging about it a little bit.

That is the basic idea. Unfortunately this has been a tough year for us, with tragedies and delays all over the place, so the campaign was a little more limited.

  • ARC Copies: I did not have time to give out Advanced Reader Copies in exchange for early reviews. Last year a 1 star driveby by a fake reviewer on Bloodlust: Will to Power stunted sales after the second day. Eventually that reviewer was banned, but it did some damage to my chances to make the top 100. This year I wanted to insulate myself from 1 stars and give some loyal fans a chance to get their hands on the book a little earlier. Sadly, life gets in the way. As it is we will have to work hard to get the book edited by the release date.
  • Reader Feedback: I wanted to get more reader feedback as well, but that is always the case, I suppose.

So that is the plan, I will let you all know how it worked out after release!

Here is a little teaser:

The war-barge in which Jaff rode rocked in the water. Men began to shout and scream behind him. Turning, Jaff caught sight of an armoured figure, a broad-shouldered woman in dark leathers, caught a blade with a buckler claw, cutting her assailant open from groin to gullet. Blood splashed across Jaff’s face. The deck became a trap as some of the hands pushed towards this deadly Krassian, while others struggled to escape her. In two heart-beats, Jaff watched the woman sidestep a lunge from a man twice her size, slashing his throat, then stabbing a screaming man, was it Gish?, with a lunge of her own.

Then the leather clad killer simply looked at a man charging her and his head simply exploded as if hit by a cannon shot. Magic. Krassian magic. Jaff’s blood went cold. He looked over the side into the bloody water. Ominous shapes swam beneath the surface picking at the dead. He looked back at the melee on the ship. Half the men were dead…

In each battle I create a character or two to give extra perspective to the action. A single perspective is rarely broad enough for a large battle, I find, unless you want a heap of exposition at the end where the character learns what happened on a broader scale.




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