Teaser Tuesday

Happy Canada Day!

I am trying hard to get the last re-writes finished for the release of Warbound: The Shield Maiden, Domains of the Chosen Book 3. If anyone who had read the other books wants an advanced copy in exchange for a review when I release it on July 17th, let me know.

The horn-blast knocked Razorthorn off the bridge, along with the Gold Mask she had been fighting. The shock-wave crashed into her with the force of a charging Tauran. She was hurled into the air, arms flailing, blood gushing from her ears and mouth. The pain was exquisite.

She caught a grand view of the late afternoon sky and then she smashed into the water. The Gold Mask plunged in somewhere nearby. The dark forms of the Fologi knifed towards them. Razorthorn dove deeper, ignoring her body’s panicked need for breath. She heard thrashing above her as her feet struck the bottom. Gathering her strength she pushed off and kicked towards the surface, aiming for the Deomen’s side of the river.

Remarkably, none of the Fologi attacked her.

Razorthorn swam twenty paces towards the riverbank. The incline was steep here, meant to discourage and hinder attacking forces. The Ogress was considering how to ascend when she felt a nudge on both her feet. A chill went down her spine. She turned. There were a two large black cetaceans in the water behind her. She started to channel when they swam forward and gently nudged her feet again, lifting her out of the water.

“I see,” said Razorthorn, grinning now. “Do it!”

I think I’ve put this up before. Regardless, I like it. Razorthorn is one of the Gladiators Gavin fought in the Death Leagues in Bloodlust: Will to Power, who become Sadira’s Hearthbound. Sadira respects the Ogress’s power as well as her purity through pain ideological bent.

The Fologi are cannibalistic Dolphins who are part of Kirifan culture.

I like the passage because it leads to an attack stunt involving a Dolphin push. When I wrote it I was thinking of a picture of my sister playing with Dolphins.


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