Tuesday Teaser

A little teaser from my upcoming book Warbound: The Shield Maiden, out July 17th, 2014.

A Fologi ride had landed them on the coast south of the Deomen, and from there they had circled and entered the enemy camp from behind. They killed a few sentries and taken their robes as disguises. The Deomen were lax about security now that the battle was underway, especially with Sadira wearing a Gold Mask. Riritaka had bound the spirit used by the mask’s previous owner, a complex weave that had dazzled Sadira. As a consequence the Pale spirit-binder now knew how to speak the Howling tongue of the Deomen.

While Karmal was a little small for a Gold Mask’s weapon, none of them seemed to question the vicious looking blade.

The shadows under the juggernaut provided ample space to hide, especially with her Shadow manipulations. Even her innate Shadow-Elven talents had grown as a Chosen, and Sadira could now deepen the darkness around them with little effort. The sheer magnitude of the power drawn by the war altar would likely obfuscate her own magic from any Gifted nearby.

Only Bone Masks and slaves to be sacrificed seemed to be allowed to enter the edifice. There was a hold above them which smelled of fear, but that was an unlikely way in. Sadira was not sure if they could fight their way through the juggernaut, and although eager to try, she could sense Gavin’s growing anxiety about the battle. That left climbing. 


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