Exposition Teaser

I know it is bad form, but every now and then I still like to sneak in a bit of pure exposition into my writing. Here is a bit from Warbound: The Shield Maiden.

After the Reckoning, when the Legions marched forth for war under the banners of Krass and the Chosen, a promise was made. The Chosen, strong as they might be as individuals, still needed soldiers to fight under their banners. Anyone who served in the Legions, or their surviving spouse and children should they perish, would be given a slice of land on the fertile plains and verdant hills nearest the great city. Those early days were as brutal as they were glorious, and the horrors that Gladiators face in the arena are often but an echo of that struggle. The Legion were mortal men and women facing monsters, undead, and wild magic with nothing more than raw courage, good steel, and ruthlessly efficient teamwork. Most of them found their place among the ancestors and are held in highest honour.

The incentive of fertile, safe land outside the crowded walls of Krass proved successful. After decades of being trapped in the city, many were eager to see the outside world. Others just wanted a chance to start something new – to build a legacy for their children. Even after a thousand years these lands are still reserved for Legionnaires, creating a strong military tradition in the families that live there. Some say it is unfair that children cannot inherit the land if they do not serve as their parents did, even if they do receive some compensation when the land is taken. The Legion has held firm to the old bargain, however.

The people now call these lands The Promise.

Pretty self explanatory. I tend to isolate the exposition so that people can skip it if they want.


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