Teaser Tuesday

Work in Progress...

Work in Progress…

This is a rough approximation of the title. My jpg conversion is a little off, but you get the idea. You can see where a little bit of cleanup will be done to make the e and a pop on “the shield maiden” part.

The font is similar to the one Dan made for the Bloodlust books, and I think we have decided to go for a black background. I’m not sure what texture Dan wants to try with the black.

As for the teaser itself:

The plating fit over her leg like stepping into a shell. The metal was smooth to the touch, almost like wet glass; a mithril alloy she guessed. It felt odd as it wrapped around her thigh, but once the fasteners were secured at the back the legging, there was a tingle of magic, and it became much more flexible. The weight was there, but it felt like part of her, hardly more encumbering than her lighter and skimpier arena armour.

Vintia donned the second leg eagerly. The armourer noted that it was more efficient to put on the breastplate first, due to the nature of the metal buckles that were used as fasteners. Vintia lifted this next. The armourer and Hephus exchanged glances as she picked up the thick metal coat of plates with little effort. Vintia was far stronger than she looked. The breastplate fit snugly, breasts and all, tailored to fit her exact measurements on the inside and provide an angled surface that would deflect blows away from her body on the outside. It also seemed to flex as she breathed, feeling initially constrictive but more and more like a second skin as she got used to it.

Vintia donned the arms and the helmet swiftly, spurred by the desire to complete the set and test it out on the training grounds. It seemed wonderfully flexible, heavier, but less archaic than the suit of armour she’d worn as a Gladiatrix. One it was all fastened, she tested the range of movement in her arms, legs, and neck, finding that the interlocking plates slid freely, allowing her a nearly perfect range of movement.

“It’s amazing,” said Vintia, breathless and elated. She felt strong – invincible. “How does it look?”

“You look like some bright and terrible ancestor of war come to life,” said Hephus. “The Shield Maiden Reborn. Almost as good as some of my golems.”

In Warbound, most of the gifted characters are armoured for War, not the arena. This teaser describes Vintia receiving her armour, and enormously heavy metal shell which is twice her own weight. It is not formed or put on like traditional armour, but why should it be? After all Vintia is supernaturally strong and has enough magic in her to power an array of runes that make the thick metal move naturally.

Another consideration that I find is often overlooked when discussing armour is the deflection aspect. Both plate armour and tank armour are made to have as little flat surface presented to opponents as possible, partly to deflect the force of a hit. A good bow might be able to puncture a sheet of steel, but it will have a rough time punching through we well made armoured plate of the same thickness, where most of the force is deflected or broken up.


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