Another Sunday Teaser

Once again I am a little swamped with re-write work on Warbound: The Shield Maiden, the third Domains of the Chosen novel (Out July 17th) so instead of an insightful blog post, I leave you with a little teaser.

“That’s her,” said a voice. “The new Chosen.”

“Red Scorpion,” said another. “In the flesh.”

“Are you sure that’s her man?” said another. “He don’t look like much.”

“Quiet!” said another. “I’ve seen him kill with a thought.”

Most kept quiet. Sadira savoured the reaction that her unexpected presence caused among the workers, soldiers, and engineers. She almost wished she were dressed in her arena armour. The men and women parted for her as she walked towards the fortress. She smiled at those she passed, hoping to set them at ease.

Sadira wore her full battle regalia for this occasion. Her lustrous black hair was shaved at the sides, around her graceful ears, pulled back at the crown and pulled roughly into braids, twined with chains and spikes. Unlike Gavin she did not modify her arena armour for the battlefield, but instead commissioned a new suit. A thick breastplate, closely fit to her figure, mithril silver with a scorpion made of tiny red rubies set over her heart, was worn over a suit of double-mail so fine that it clung to her like a second skin, loose only at her hips where it formed a short loincloth. Her pauldrons were oversized and spiked, black and red, rising to protect her neck while her gauntlets and boots were strong studded leather, both stylish and brutal.

“Sadira, Chosen!” said a weathered sailor she passed, falling to his knees. “I saw you fight in Dreadwood.”

The Warbound Arc does not focus on style and the crowd nearly as much as the Bloodlust books. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to inject  little bit of Sadira’s latest style (shown in green) into the book, partly to help transition from the arena onto the field of battle. Note that she still isn’t wearing a helm, and that her assembly is likely too heavy for most warriors to wear and nearly priceless. It pays to be Chosen, I suppose.

The adulation the common folk have for their newest Chosen is also evident. Everyone knows who she is, and many worship her.


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