Teaser Tuesday


It is now Tuesday, and time for another teaser from my upcoming book, Warbound: The Shield Maiden.

Vintia came across a dead Legionnaire, the sight filling her with dread and pity. The Orcish man’s feet and hands were trapped in the coral floor, as if it had become mud or quicksand and then hardened again. Ragged wounds on his wrists indicated how hard the man had struggled to free himself. His throat was open, head lolling to the side. It was a clean cut, made from behind, execution style. The blood should have pooled on the floor, but the only sign of it was a darker spot on the reddish stone that seemed to grow smaller as she stared.  Vintia realized with disgust that the Spire was drinking it.

Anger and fear boiled out of The Warbound. Fire scorched the coral, as Vintia blasted it with spells until she was left exhausted and dripping with sweat. The coral showed depressingly little signs of harm. It was worse than trying to burn stone. She could melt it with stupendous effort, but that was a pointless task. She needed to keep moving, not waste her strength on useless gestures.

The dead legionnaire’s Gladius, a good legion sidearm, had been kicked into the corner. Vintia was glad to see blood on it. She took this, happy to have a weapon, and also grabbed the man’s file tags. He was a veteran; one of the Legate’s bodyguards. She hoped that Nerus and the rest of his men had met a better fate, even that slut, Teven.

Before she left she burned the dead veteran to ash with a spell, silently commending him to the ancestors.

The people of the Domains worship the ancestors, who have taken on a stature and function similar to Saints.

The Gladius is not the main weapon of a Krassian Legionnaire, it is actually a short spear, hence why I refer to it as a sidearm.

In this passage we read about Vintia discovering some of the more unusual aspects of the Kirifan Spires, enormous buildings grown from a kind of warped coral. I wanted Kirif, and the rest of Ithal’Duin,  to seem very different from the Domains. I hope the readers like it.



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