A Teaser for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, here is a teaser from my new work in progress, Warbound: The Shield Maiden.

“I agree with that,” said Gavin. “I saw it with Valaran. His idea of love could not encapsulate Sadira desiring me over him. When she rebuffed him, he did not re-examine his view of romance. Instead he kept pressing her. When that failed he tried to destroy me, blaming me for somehow standing in the way. He said I corrupted. Eventually that led to his downfall.”

“Indeed,” said Chosen Mazurin. “It is a form of mental laziness, I think. This is especially true of rulers, who are often insulated from the consequences of their decisions. A king who shuts down a hospice to fund his war is rarely the first to suffer when disease breaks out. If one never has to confront the failure of the idea directly it is easier for ideology to remain unchallenged. It is the same with the Gift. As Chosen we are so powerful that we are rarely forced to fix the flaws in our spell-craft.”

“So by teaching me to always seek a more refined solution in all things magical,” said Gavin. “You hope that I apply the same to learning governance?”

“Yes,” said the Chosen. “Methodology exceeds ideology.”

After joining the Chosen, Gavin is placed under the mentorship of Chosen Mazurin. Astute readers will recognize this character from quotes in Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale and Bloodlust: Will to Power. The idea is that being a Chosen entails a great deal of responsibility and that Gladiators, who lead an insular life in the modern Domains require a period of adjustment, both to their increased magical power, and to the outside world.


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