Teaser Tuesday

With the upcoming release of Warbound: The Shield Maiden, third in the Domains of the Chosen series (July 17th), it is time, once again, for for teasers!

“I often feel like a pawn in the games,” said Gavin.

“I felt that way too,” Liam Valcoeur did not look up from his work at the anvil, but a slight pause spoke of rumination to anyone who knew him well enough. “My way out was to take myself off the board… I don’t rightly know if it’s truly possible.”

“How about you Sax?” asked Gavin.

“Some pawns just keep moving forward,” said Sax, breaking into a grin that slowly passed around the room.

“Let us know when you reach the other side,” said Liam.“Speaking of making it, I’d wager that you never truly even expected to make the short-list for the Grand Championships, my son.”

“Easy odds,” snorted Sax, examining the blade of his greatsword, Countess, for flaws, especially where the magic of the runes might warp the metal around them.

Warbound: The Shield Maiden actually begins during the period covered by the end of Bloodlust: Will to Power. Warbound takes place outside the arena, following an important expedition as it crosses into the once-lost continent of Ithal’Duin.

One of the central themes is home, and here we see Gavin enjoying some of this with his father and Sax. I felt that I needed to define these relationships a little better. All of the central characters have a home life of some sort, guiding their actions. As someone who was brought up as an orphan, Gavin is just rediscovering his.


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