Teaser Tuesday

Bloodlust: The Great Games, a short story I wrote for the holiday will be published on Friday, Dec 20th. I expect it will clear through Amazon late on Friday, unless their website runs into a Christmas backlog. As promised here is the last teaser for the short story.

After the cheerleaders sauntered from the fighting grounds, a stately man took his place in the box reserved for the Master of Ceremonies. Rose immediately recognized him from some of the matches she had seen on link crystal. Quintus diKrass, dressed in the traditional white robe, albeit with a red sash for this occasion, lifted an intricately carved ceremonial staff, the torch of Krass, above his head. The staff flashed like the sun as he motioned. The crowd grew quiet.

“Hail friends,” said Quintus, smiling, his warm gaze taking in the crowd. He spoke his first words slowly, without raising his deep, cultured voice above a conversational tone, yet everyone heard him intimately. “HAIL REDS!”

I know it is technically wrong to write shouting in ALL CAPS, but it just works for me; hate if you want. Quintus diKrass is a character that appears in Bloodlust: Will to Power, ever so briefly, as I attempted to flesh out the arena a little more. Mr diKrass would be the Ron Maclean of the Great Games, one of those veteran sport’s announcers who lends a sense of dignity to the proceedings. Much better than Baron Bones and Chloe diSilk from the Death-Leagues, at any rate… 😉

Coming on Dec 20th to Amazon.

Coming on Dec 20th to Amazon.


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