Teaser Tuesday

Here is my second to last teaser for Bloodlust: The Great Games

Tall and athletic, Fiona moved with predatory grace as she strode across the white sand to the middle of the fighting grounds. Red hair, spiked, gave the impression of a phalanx of bloody spears erupting from her head. Pale green eyes raked the crowd as the Gladiatrix’s mouth twisted into a playful snarl. The viewing enchantments on the arena were so powerful that Rose and Darius could make out the freckles on her pale skin.

The idea behind the viewing enchantments is that they allow the spectators to see the action more clearly, focusing on distant details far better than the unenchanted eye. In Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale I noted that arena enhancements also highlighted magic use for the audience and helped them keep track of invisible creatures. These enchantments like have all sort of uses in artifice and alchemy, and technological progress in the Domains.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from people on the short story 🙂


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