Teaser Tuesday

Here is a little teaser from Bloodlust: The Great Games (on sale around Christmas — or you can get a free copy for input/review if you ask me now. I’m looking to avoid getting the one star driveby treatment again)

Melia was conflicted about their nine year old daughter going to the arena. The Great Games were the very soul of patriotism and culture throughout the Empire, and almost all parents who could afford to brought their children on a regular basis. But the violence and the bloodshed had never sat well with Melia. Perhaps it was because she had been raised in a small town, with less early exposure to the Arena. The Games meant so much to Darius though. 

One of the concepts I touch on in Bloodlust: The Great Games is how culture and tradition can redefine what we see as acceptable. We can barely imagine it, but it is quite likely that children watched the Gladiatorial games in Rome at some periods, certainly the younger emperors were known to have a taste for the games.

Melia is an interesting character, but she barely appears in the story. It will be interesting to see what people think of her.

And since I am at it, here is a little bit from Warbound: The Shield Maiden (which is due next July). Very rough, ETC ETC. Warbound takes place in the same world as Bloodlust, but focuses on the Legions instead of the arena.

“Try to look scared Bosh,” said the First Shield beside him. “Logistics crewmen don’t drool at the prospect of being raided.”

“Don’t matter, Arturo,” said Bosh, savouring the frown that his insolence purchased from the First Shield. Ol’ Arturo would hardly punish him with a fight looming, and Bosh hardly cared about what happened afterwards. “Them son’s o’ whores see red now. Any one of ’em breaks off or shows caution and the others will brand them cowards and hunt them down after. The blood is in the water and the sharks are in a frenzy, lads.”

Bosh thumped his chest. The First Shield shook his head but said nothing.

The shark metaphor and the idea of purchasing a frown need polishing, but you get the gist, I’m sure.



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