Teaser Tuesday

I’m still working on the cover of Bloodlust: The Great Games, a short story I am going to release sometime soon. Here are a few rough mockups from Dan Barclay that I thought I would share…

Instead of a woodcut technique Dan is trying something new… and shiny.

Note the outline of a sickle underneath the axe in the first picture; that is the second weapon that will be on the cover:


Colour scheme mockup — this depicts the colour effect Dan is going for; kind of moonlit steel.

Here is an example of the scrollwork technique and shaping of the axe:


The first detail mockup. Note the runes and the blade spikes.


















This third mockup was made after Dan became more familiar with the character:


This second mockup of the axe, made after Dan became more familiar with the character’s style. Note the scroll-work.


6 comments on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Holla! says:

    Do you know when it’s going to be published?

  2. grimkrieg says:

    I’m aiming for a week before Christmas, But I might be giving out free copies earlier for people who are interested in putting up an early review to help me out.

  3. Holla says:

    (edit to hide email address)

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