Teaser Tuesday

In one hand, the Executioner bore a large wickedly curved sickle and in other other a full sized headsman’s axe. Darius knew that even a man his size would have likely have trouble wielding such a weapon in a fight. Gladiators used the Gift to enhance their bodies, and Fiona’s muscles were like steel cables, far stronger than any normal person could be. Her armaments were made of exotic materials, custom made by master smiths and enchanted with potent runes and Darius, who admired craftsmanship, took in the details reverently.

Rose was impressed. Naturally, her Favourite Gladiatrix was Red Scorpion, who wore light armour and carried three swords.  

In the end I decided to go with a new Gladiator, a protege of one of the characters from the books, but someone whose main actions thus far occur in the short story. Mostly this reflects a desire to entertain old fan with something new, but it also makes it easier for me to fit the story into the continuum.


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