Teaser Tuesday

First off: I’m taking a holiday this weekend, so my next two blogging days (Thursday and Sunday) are likely a wash.

On a more interesting note, I’m hoping to release my short story, Bloodlust: The Great Games next month, so I’m starting up with the teasers again. People seemed to enjoy them last time. Here is a little taste:

“Yes,” said Rose. “I’m a Red sir, through and through, just like my dad!”

Feet shoulder width apart, in a fighting pose that she had seen Sadira use, Rose began to chant:

“We’ll never wail! We’ll never cry!

We’ll never fail! We’ll never die!

So raise that Red banner up high!

Because we’re Red, hear our war-cry!”

Rose’s cheer drew the attention of the surrounding fans, and by the second repetition everyone around had joined in. She felt exalted, baptized in pride as hundreds of voices took up the call that she had begun. 

Still a little rough, but I like it. There is a certain poetry to the rough incantations that we invoke in our arenas. I want to bring that to life to the Great Games. The cheer is based on one used by English soccer fans. It is amazing the sort of tools and information that one can find on the internet with just a few keystrokes, I even found a Rhyming dictionary!

Those of you who read my original post about the short story might notice that I decided to go with a girl as the secondary character instead of a boy. Points for you for remembering. It makes for a better story because it adds another wrinkle of complexity to the relationships.



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