Headed to Gencon

I am headed to Gencon, in Indianapolis for the next few days… so, no updates. The convention is full of gaming, geek chic vendors, and all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi fans. It will be fun. Since I feel bad about not updating, I’ll leave this little teaser from my upcoming short story (very rough so far)

Predictably, Harlson strolled into their workshop at shift’s end. The third-quarter shift sub-foreman had it in for Darius ever since he’d intervened to prevent Kaz from being transferred to Harlson’s crews. Darius saw it as a favour to an old friend, Harlson saw it as interference. Now he too every opportunity he could to snipe at them.

The whip-thin man began inspecting their work. He knew what today meant to Darius, and thus took his time inspecting the barrel for flaws. Darius sent the rest of the crew to the showers, but dared not go himself. It would be harder for Harlson to find fault with him here.

The big man suppressed a snarl as Harlson ran his fingers along the barrel with a gloved hand. He felt like a man watching a stranger dance with his wife. He hated Harlson. The man knew how important today was to Darius. How could someone always be so clearn working in a place like this?

Eventually even Harlson had to give up and sign off on the gun.

He looked at Darius as he passed, flashing perfectly white teeth in a vicious approximation of a smile.

“[Blue Gladiator] hit twenty-eight points in singles today.” he drawled. “Think your Reds can take us?”

Darius forced himself to be calm. Harlson was slick, he did not want to be tricked.Twenty-eight points was impressive. “Maybe,” he said, hating how faithless he sounded.

“Care to make a wager?” said Harlson, eyes glinting. “A week’s wage?”

“No,” said Darius. He felt himself deflate. He could not afford a wager like that. He’d saved for two months for the tickets to tonight’s match.

Harlson smirked. “I didn’t think so.” he began to walk away, leaving Darius feeling frustrated and defeated.

“I’ll take that bet, sir,” said Kaz, shocking them both. The orc grinned, as he reached for his cap. “Can’t leave this behind.”

“Your loss workman,” sneered Harlson. “Now if you’ll excuse me ,I have work to do.”

 Darius made a point of thanking Kaz in front of the rest of the crew. He felt a little sick inside. Twenty-eight points was a big spread. Even [Red Gladiatrix] would have trouble matching that. He would pass some money to Kaz’s wife if the bet was lost…

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure who I want to use in the fight yet. Oops. The story revolves around Darius taking his daughter to her first arena match, It needs a fair bit of work.

Gencon Woohoo!


2 comments on “Headed to Gencon

  1. Holla! says:

    Personally i would love to see a protege character as the gladiator, someone we haven’t seen before, but we do know their mentor. A student of Chosen Marius especially would be great

    • grimkrieg says:

      A protege is a great way to link a new character to the series. Not a bad Idea at all, sir. It does save me the difficulty of choosing an already existing character.

      My other idea is Sax. His “cover” keeps him in the arena.

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