Teaser Tuesday

This will be the last teaser Tuesday for a while (maybe), since Bloodlust: Will to Power should be available in eBook format very soon. Here is a look at the cover, about 80% finished.


Here is my current text for the marketing blurb on amazon.


In the Domains of The Chosen, Magic is Power.

As the best Gladiators in the Domains strive to earn their place, with spell and blade, in the greatest tournament of their time, the prize: a place among The Chosen: immortal rulers of the Domains, Gavin, a defender few people think has a shot at the big-time, heads to the Free Leagues, hoping to win fame and status, while seeking to find the path that is right for him. Joining forces with old friends, he soon becomes embroiled in a personal quest for vengeance that will take him to the brutal, bloody heart of the Great Games where he must face his nemesis: Valaran diVolcanus. The implications of that match shake the very foundations of the Great Games, carrying all the way to the Grand Championships, where Sadira, the famed Gladiatrix and Gavin’s soul mate, seeks to make her mark.

Follow the tale of the two Gladiators and their friends, which concludes the first story arc of the “Domains of the Chosen” series.

About Bloodlust and the Domains of the Chosen Series:

Both “Bloodlust: Will to Power” (Book II) and “Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale” (Book I) are about magic-wielding Gladiators fighting great contests in order to win their freedom. The books are set in a fantasy world, which like our own, is beset with love, jealousy, power plays and politics. Each character must choose which direction his life will take, always with far reaching consequences. — Of course, you can feel free to ignore all of that and sit back and enjoy a rousing tale of Gladiators fighting monsters and facing off against their rivals!

The novels are heavily-action oriented; each chapter being structured around an arena match in Gavin’s career.

The two “Bloodlust” novels are the first arc of a larger series of books about the Domains of the Chosen. The next book, “Warbound: The Shieldmaiden’s March” follows the tale of new Chosen and a Lost Legion outside the borders of the Domains, inspired by Xenophon’s Anabasis and other tales.

I am a proudly independent, self-published author.

I am excited and nervous. So many things can go wrong when uploading and converting files, but I am almost ready to launch this beast and then play some of those games I am grabbing off the steam summer sale (which coincides with my birthday this year :D).

Bacon for everyone, I’ll post here and on my facebook page when it gets through the submission process.


One comment on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Codes says:

    Really cool cover!

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