Teaser Tuesday

Two weeks to go until Bloodlust: Will to Power is released on kindle/amazon (I hope). I’m knee deep in final approvals :P… here is this week’s teaser:

“What’s this about?” asked Ravius. The two Gladiators could sense the subtle undercurrents of power surrounding Sax; the ogre was in full control of his magic and his weapons and armour were crackling with attuned runes. Sax now wore shining black armour that covered his full body like a second skin underneath his arena armour. When had he found the time to change into this garment? Even trusted master level Gladiators like Sax were rarely allowed full access to their power outside the arena. Few of them carried armour like that. Gavin felt a surge of excitement: he’d always known there was more to Sax.

“There has been an incident nearby.” said Cleothera. Her tone was filled with icy determination. “We are are going to investigate…”

One of the ideas I’m trying to explore in this book is that the world is still dangerous even inside the borders of the Domains. Things happen outside the arena, and I’d like to give more of an impression of that in this volume…

Another idea worth exploring, and somewhat more topical, namely exposing some of the more secretive organizations in the empire. Part of this involves exploring what Sax and Cleothera are up to…


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