Teaser Tuesday

A handful of chapter heading quotes

In the arena, we are all equal. A blade does not care for the colour of the flesh it tears, a spell does not care for the sex of the warrior that weaves it, death and victory do not care for the race of those who deal them out.” Omodo diYava

I have no equals.” Valaran diVolcanus

The old games were pure. Battle is about life and death, not who scores the most points.” Valaran diVolcanus.

I am all for harsh training, but we are constantly fighting against incursions in the west and bleeding men in the Trials. The cold, hard truth is that we need more Gifted trained to fight. Enough of this nonsense about the merits of the old games. We need Warbound, not corpses.” Chosen Mordhawk, 823 AR.

Gladiatrix, Gladiatrix/Sword in her hand, blood on the Sand!/Death in her eyes, she’s battle-wise!/Gladiatrix, Gladiatrix/Come see her fight, the crowd’s delight!/Head in her hand, blood on the Sand!” An old arena cheer.

I’m trying to bring out the personalities of characters through these quotes whenever possible, allowing them to have a presence, even when off-stage.

The cheer is part of an attempt to flesh the world out a bit.


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