Teaser Tuesday

Making eye contact with any Chosen, let alone one of Moltar’s reputation, was considered unwise. Only fools draw the attention of the powerful. Gavin met the man’s gaze, unflinching, for just a moment, before purposefully looking down. In truth he was glad to look away, the Chosen’s gaze was fearsome.

“Perceptive,” said the Chosen. “Although you are perhaps overeager to show it. You gain nothing but a moment’s pleasure by showing me that you know…”

This is a sliver of a conversation that takes place in the last half of Bloodlust: Will to Power. Gavin is invited to converse with Chosen Moltar while watching a rabble match at the Killer’s Circle. I’m still not happy with it. Moltar is a character who is quoted a fair bit, but I want the readers to get a better sense of what drives him.

I don’t like the idea of Moltar being a non-causal Villain.


This is a projected cover for Bloodlust: Will to Power


Another potential cover art piece


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