Teaser Tuesday (now on time!)

Teaser Tuesday: On time for once!

The Chosen’s Palace in Brightsand Halls stood atop the centre-most of the city’s nine sheer-sided buttes, stone pillars raised from the rocky desert waste, shaped by both magic and raw physical labour. The palace was imposing, yet open and airy, built mostly in the classical style of Krass, but with some local influences, most obvious in the domes and rounded corners of the buildings. It provided the prototype for the rest of the city, a prominent representative of what was now called the Southern style of architecture. Gavin had seen that this style was in fashion of late, apparent in some of the newer buildings in Krass, a case of influences coming full circle. Such was the way of a healthy federation he mused: each part must learn from the other, hopefully with respect.

This thought brought his mind to Vintia, who would soon be on her way to lost Ithal’duin. He missed her, and was sad that he would not see her again for many years. She’d seemed so excited at the masquerade. He wondered how much of that was a desire for adventure and how much was Chosen Brightloch. Sadira told him that Vintia had fallen for the Chosen’s charms. Gavin thought of Isabella in the armour-shop and how easily he had been seduced, a prisoner of his desires, before he’d found love. Of course, one could argue that love was simply a different cage, after all his need to be near Sadira had kept him from joining the Bright Company himself. It had always been a dream of his to roam distant lands.

An expanded description of Brightsand Halls from Bloodlust: Will to Power. The bit about Vintia is actually part of the lead in to a third book, so don’t worry about it being a spoiler.


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