Teaser Tuesday

Gavin felt a glimmer of power. The blade of Silver Rose’s dagger absorbed the blood, hungrily. The elf licked his lips, which seemed quite red of a sudden, and Gavin noticed his sharp canines seemed to grow in prominence. Bloodthirst was something he’d not faced on the fighting grounds. He knew Gladiators who studied the Vampiric schools could use blood to heal and power their magic. He’d not been expecting a blood-drinking blade, however.

Vampires successfully sued for citizenship early in the history Domains. They argued, quite effectively, that they were far less of a danger than the Gifted and were willing to curb their appetites and abide by binding oaths. They proved to be model citizens for the most part, and prospered greatly. True Vampires cannot develop the Gift, beyond some small skill with necromantic and blood magics. However, a Gifted who accepts a Vampire’s embrace develops some of the Vampire’s characteristics. Gavin could sense Silver Rose drawing power from the blood that his sword drunk. He wished he had more time to study the process, he could see that it was unlike many of the methods of Channelling taught to the young Gifted in the Domains.

The Channelling was unusual, but the spell pattern was familiar to Gavin: Razorwind.

A few thoughts on this:


  • I don’t think the middle of combat is the best place for a block of text talking about the role of Vampires in the Domains. I’m definitely moving the middle paragraph. It might work better as a break, but will likely get moved to the intro description of Silver Rose.
  • The Great Games are over a thousand years old. In that time anything present in the Domains and subjugated areas that could offer an advantage in the arena has been exploited and turned into a school. I expect their are quite a few schools based on common Fantasy tropes as well as more unusual ones of my own invention. This fits with the general theme of the Domains. They needed to exploit and use everything just to survive the reckoning and this has become part of their culture. The likely recycle like crazy. Hmmm.
  • The weapon allows silver rose to ingest the blood as if he is drawing it out with his fangs. I wonder if  it allows him to taste it as well? Lots of interesting ideas there.
  • One of the main characters from Bloodlust: A Gladiator’s Tale actually learns this school in book 2. Any guesses?

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