Teaser Tuesday

“Red Scorpion, I presume?”

Sadira turned to find herself face to face with a tall, white-haired man with bright eyes and a broad smile that showed perfect, glittering teeth. Despite his hair and patronly features he seemed to be one of the Gifted. A stunning woman dressed in butterfly wings and a matching mask and little else hung off his arm. He looked familiar.

“I am. My friends call me Sadira,” she said, smiling. She noticed several passersby turning to watch the exchange. “Have we met before?”

“I am Gaius Gerald White,” he said. His voice got louder as he announced his name. “My reputation precedes me, no doubt.”

“It does,” said Sadira, stiffening in anger. Gaius Gerald White was a commentator and publisher who owned the famed Arena Post; his paper frequently and gleefully reported baseless rumours of Sadira having affairs with other Gladiators; debasing herself at orgies in Chosen Giselle’s palace. It was not the nature of the accusations that angered Sadira, she wasn’t embarrassed about sex, it was that they were lies. She was proud of her love for Gavin, and proud of her self-control in staying true to him. “Are you here to apologize?”

“Oh, meow,” said White, laughing as Sadira’s eyes raked him. The woman on his arm however, sensed the anger of the Gladiatrix and paled. “If you wanted to stay out of the public eye you should have become a vassal.”

“Really?” said Sadira. “If vassals were exempt from your drivel, then why did you publish that crap about Lina? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

This is a little scene I wrote up today, filling in a problem area that originally looked something like this

Sadira confronts GGW. Highlight rumours and her frustrations with them. (Actually highlighted in yellow, but you get the idea.)

I write these when I’m stymied or want to move on to other parts of the story, then come back and fill them in. I find it is a good technique when I need to “discover” additional parts of a sub-plot before filling everything in.

The rest of the scene is fairly obscene with GGW and Sadira arguing about some very graphic accusations, until the argument gets broken up. It takes place a the Veteran’s Masquerade, a huge party where high ranking Gladiators seek patrons for the Grand Championships. It is like a high society political event crossed with a major league sports trade deadline… The backdrop is a converted Dragon’s Lair 😀


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