Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday:

   The Qualifying Tournament, put forth to all ranking Green faction members, took place in Frostbay, the largest city north of Krass. The city sat on the southern edge of Lost Kingdom Bay, a vast body of water which was once the centre of a Kingdom so thoroughly destroyed in the Reckoning that not even the Chosen could agree upon its identity. The grand docks of Frostbay were the best known architectural remnants of said Kingdom. They jutted hundreds of feet out into the bay, and could accommodate ships of almost any keel depth for their entire length. This made Frostbay the collection point for the resources of the north; anything too difficult to move by road, or air went through the City.
  Rail lines had been added to the city in recent centuries, bringing elemental powered steam engines and the newer artifice engines as well. Coal, oil, iron, silver, gold, timber, ironwood, mithril, and other goods flowed into the port. Trading houses and Great factories sprung up to take advantage of the
  The city was a free city, like Krass, beholden to no single Chosen. As such it attracted the support of people from all over the Domains.

A little bit about the city of Frostbay, where the greens hold a pre-qualifying tournament for a larger event. It needs a bit of expansion, especially on landscape details, and I do wonder if I like the Railroads.


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