Teaser Tuesday

I am done the first draft of Bloodlust: Will to Power (102522 words so far). Super happy about that!

This week’s teaser is a little intro I added to the first chapter. The tense might throw you, I’m just experimenting…

Sax doesn’t really sleep. He’s fairly certain that the others don’t realize this; he’s mastered the art of dulling his thoughts so even a master cogimancer has to check twice. Thus he is fully awake when they attack, aware of their approach long before they get there. And because of what he is, he is always prepared for an ambush. He becomes aware of subtle noises, a shift in the forest. The silence is inhuman, as if a dozen great cats stalked towards the fire in the distance. He springs into action. Shouting a warning as his blade meets the nearest form.
   Gavin is fuming over a link he just read about Sadira’s supposed sexscapades in the debauched Brightsands social circles. He doesn’t believe the rumours of her promiscuity, but the taunting words and salacious pictures make him mad. His anger leads to jealously and heart-pangs. His distraction and anger work in his favour, however. He does not hesitate. He hears a noise. Sax’s warning shout follows. He turns. Sees the glint of firelight on steel. Knife coming for his throat. Reflex takes over. His hand darts out. He pulls. His opponent is surprisingly light. The body hits the fire with a crunch. More forms boil out of the darkness. They make no sound other than their rustling movements.

I added it partly to pad out a plot arc I added late in the book.  It describes a random seeming ambush they encounter in their travels. Again, I’m not sure if I like the tense change.


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