Teaser Tuesday: From Bloodlust: Will to Power (The Formatting sucks, I know)

“You’ll love this, I swear.”

“Does dodging a charging, angry bull really sound like my idea fun Ravius?,” said Gavin, fastening the leather straps on his silvery mithril greaves. “I’m a little less mobile than you and my shield is going to offer little comfort against that kind of impact.”

“Have I ever misled you, little brother?” said Ravius with a grin, continuing before Gavin could respond. “This type of match is a local favorite; you did say you wanted to win fame and recognition so you can rejoin Sadira… yes?”

“I’m not going to back out now, Ravius,” sighed Gavin. “I just wish you’d stop trying to convince me I’ll like your new `hobby’ as much as you do.”

“You’ve fought bigger creatures than these bulls,” said Ravius.

“True, but I’m not allowed to injure the these enemies; that makes a big difference, I’d say,” said Gavin.

“You’re always complaining about how the arena is too bloody…” said Ravius. “What better way to showcase your skills in their purest form?”

This scene leads to a rodeo match early in the book. Celtic culture is well known for their love of bulls, with some ancient stories even featuring mighty bulls fighting it out instead of men.

The Bull match lets me showcase a new form of fighting, it helps to vary the match type to keep it interesting. Over 60 arena fights in this series…

I will change a fair bit of this, even the formatting is off and the dialogue needs to be a little snappier. It is a very early part of the draft.


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