Teaser Tuesday: Late night edition

“The fault was mine, Delph.” he said. “I didn’t finish the job last time Valaran and I met. Tell the others, give them my thanks.”

Delph nodded. He could sense the weight of Gavin’s words.The clasped hands once more and Gavin turned to Sadira, lifting his banner-spear in salute to her before they began moving forward once again.

They passed along the docks of Krass, where Gavin used to watch the tall ships come and go from his window at the orphanage before he was taken away. It seemed dirtier to him now, a little less grand, but far more lively. Sadira flirted and bantered with dockhands, sailors, and shipwrights, charming them all.

More than a few of them noted Gavin’s banner as he passed in her wake.

On the water, past the harbour forts, a mightly ironclad fired its guns in salute as Sadira paused to greet the Marines assembled in front of the Naval yards.

From there they descended into East Shallows, a crowded section of they great city, where the streets were narrow and shaded by the large tenements built therein. These tenements were a relic of the days when the great storms of the Reckoning battered Krass and space within the walls was at a premium. The city’s engineers were forced to raze the worst sections of the old city and drain unused sections of harbour, buildong tall warrens simply to house the growing population: expanding beyond the walls at that time was foolish.

The narrow streets were thick with people, the working poor who laboured in warren farms and nearby manufactories. Many of them wore red, and they cheered Sadira with wild abandon. She returned their ardour with gusto, putting on a grand display.

This is a pre-draft scene. The Characters are part of a procession of Gladiators winding through the city of Krass. I will likely expand a bit on the details of the great city, but you get the idea. The parade was written mostly for pacing purposes: to give this chapter a sense of grandeur.


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