Teaser Tuesday

The overview of the parade from the second to last chapter of Bloodlust: Will to Power.

The Parade of Champions is the only day that business Krass truly grinds to halt. The new years festivals each year still see trade in hospitality, transportation, and the various black markets. However even the most illicit of trades grind to halt during the Parade of Champions, a display that leaves even pickpockets and whores awestruck.

Assassinations were not unheard of during the history of the parade, but the with the Capital Legions and the Chosen themselves on hand, these were considered a rare possibility that no true player of the game would try. Behind the scenes the Blackcloaks and the Hearthbound cooperated with the city’s underworld to ensure peace in the shadows. Riots were a more common problem, but the routes had been redesigned to spread the crowds out throughout the city and minimize the chances of a stampede. 

Each of the Champions make their way through the streets in a grand procession starting in the Campus Martius, and ending in the immense parade square in front of the Grand Arena. Legionnaires, Master Gladiators, Chosen, and Grey-Robes line the streets, along with large crowds. The parade touches on every part of the city, all but the very worst areas, allowing every citizen of Krass to see their Champions in all full glory with a minimum of jostling for space. 

It lacks polish and even has a few errors. It is somewhat expositional. If the book were structured differently I would roll this into the active description of the parade. As it is I will beautify it, cut the fat, and move on.


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