Closer to PoD, Grandmother gives me her corrections.

I was very nervous about my Grandmother reading my book. Both of my Grandparents are lifelong readers, but Grandma leans more towards fiction than Grandpa, so she took the first crack at my novel when I gave it them. An avowed mystery and thriller reader, she has never really gotten into Fantasy, and thus really isn’t aware of many of the tropes that make it into the book. She is also well known for giving an honest opinion (when asked). So on Friday I was both terrified and excited to hear her assessment…

Luckily she had no problems getting through it (less than a week to read), and actually enjoyed it. Her leading comment was that despite being occasionally savage, it was also tender. Yes! Not only that but she marked up her copy to help me make the final corrections before I go to Print on Demand. With another copy being looked over by Bill from work, I feel pretty secure that most of the errors will be ruthlessly brought out into the light of day so I can “fix” them.

I ended the first full month of sales with 166 copies sold.


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