Skyrim and Bloodlust

I have long been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowing and Daggerfall more than Oblivion, though mods made Oblivion great) and have been really excited to see how well Skyrim is doing.

Back when I started writing Bloodlust I promised myself I would not buy Skyrim until I was: A) done the story and B) able to afford a computer that can run it on the highest settings with money I’ve made from the book. I felt that dangling the carrot of Skyrim in front of myself would increase my motivation to write.

While I think that finishing the second book and making a few thousand dollars are relatively modest  and achievable goals, I’m still feeling a little left out: every gamer I know has played it, or is playing it. A friend even offered to buy me a copy on steam. I won’t get to play until next year most likely.

At least I can console myself with the knowledge that Skyrim will only get better over time as the incredible mod community gets down to work and Bethesda releases quality DLC. Thus when I do finally get to play it will be even better…

Meanwhile I’ll play Dwarf Fortress and work on finishing the series. I’d only planned it to be one book when I started… 😛


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